Don Cherry Discography
compiled by Johann Haidenbauer
Artist Album Title Label/Catalog No. Year
Ornette Coleman Something Else Contemporary S7551, Orig. Jazz Classics OJC CD-163-2 1958
Ornette Coleman Tomorrow Is The Question Contemporary S7569, Orig. Jazz Classics OJC CD-342-2 1959
Paul Bley The Fabulous Paul Bley Quintet America 30AM6120 (retitled: Live at the Hillcrest Club) Inner City IC 1007, Musidisc 500542(F) 1959
Ornette Coleman Coleman Classics, Vol. 1 Improvising Artists IAI373852 1959
Ornette Coleman The Shape Of Jazz To Come Atlantic SD1317 1959
Ornette Coleman Change Of The Century Atlantic SD1327 1959
Lenox School Of Jazz Ornette '59 S.O.J. 1/2(It); Jeal Records RJD 513(Dk) 1959
John Coltrane/Don Cherry The Avant Garde Atlantic SD1451, Atlantic 790041-2 1960
Ornette Coleman This Is Our Music Atlantic SD1353 1960
Ornette Coleman Free Jazz Atlantic SD1364, Atlantic 1364-2 1960
Ornette Coleman Ornette! Atlantic SD1378 1961
Ornette Coleman Ornette On Tenor Atlantic SD1394 1961
Ornette Coleman The Art Of The Improvisers Atlantic SD1572 1961
Ornette Coleman Twins Atlantic SD1588 1961
Ornette Coleman To Whom Who Keeps A Record Warner Pioneer P-10085A(J) 1961
Ornette Coleman Beauty Is A Rare Thing Rhino/Atlantic 8122-71410-2 (6 CD compilation) 1961
Steve Lacy Evidence New Jazz NJLP8271, Original Jazz Classics OJC CD1755-2 1961
Sonny Rollins Our Man In Jazz RCA LSP2612, RCA SF7546, RCA R25J-1043(J) 1962
Sonny Rollins Three In Jazz RCA LSP2725, RCA SF7626(UK) 1963
Sonny Rollins On The Outside RCA ND82496 (compilation from above 2 albums) 1963
Prince Lasha It Is Revealed Bootleg 1963
Sonny Rollins Quartet Live In Europe Unique Jazz UJ22, Jazz Anthology JA5241, (retitled: Live In Paris) Magnetic Records MRCD101 1963
Sonny Rollins Stuttgart 1963 Concert Jazz Connoisseur JC106, Jazz Anthology JA5235 1963
New York Contemporary Five Consequences Fontana 681013ZL, Fontana 881013ZY 1963
New York Contemporary Five Vol. 1 Sonet SLP36, Polydor 623235(UK), Delmark DL409, Storyville SLP1010 (CD includes previous LP) Storyville STCD8209 1963
New York Contemporary Five Vol. 2 Sonet SLP51, Polydor 623267(UK), Delmark DL412, Storyville SLP1009 (CD includes previous LP) Storyville STCD8209 1963
Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five Savoy MG12184, Realm RM52422(UK), Byg 529101(F) 1963
Albert Ayler New York Eye & Ear Control ESP1016 1964
Albert Ayler Ghosts Debut DEB143, Fontana 688606ZL, (retitled: Vibrations) Freedom FLP40117, Arista AL1000, Freedom FCD74100 1964
Albert Ayler The Hilversum Session Osmosis 6001 1964
Albert Ayler Ayler Philology W88, (retitled: Live in Europe 1964/66) Landscape LS2-902 1964
Don Cherry Togetherness Durium MSA77127, Cicala BL7068, InnerCity IC1009 1965
George Russell George Russell at Beethoven Hall, Vol. 1 MPS-SABA SB15059, BASF 25125 1965
George Russell George Russell at Beethoven Hall, Vol. 2 MPS-SABA SB15060 1965
Sunny Murray Sony's Time Now Jihad 663, (retitled: Sunny's Time Now and More) Jazzette BPCD-025(Cr) 1965
Sunny Murray The Lie DIW 850925 (7" single) 1965
Don Cherry Complete Communion Blue Note BLP4226 1965
Giorgio Gaslini Nuovi Sentimenti HMV QELP8154, EMI 3C064 18036(I) 1966
Don Cherry Live At The Montmartre, Vol. 1 Magnetic Records MRCD111 1966
Don Cherry Live At The Montmartre, Vol. 2 Magnetic Records MRCD112 1966
Don Cherry Symphony For Improvisers Blue Note BLP4247, Cema/Capitol 7777 28976-2 1966
Don Cherry Where Is Brooklyn? Blue Note BLP4311 1966
Don Cherry The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Don Cherry Mosaic MD2-145 (contains the 3 Blue Note LPs of Cherry above) 1966
Krzysztof Komeda Le Depart Phillips M437.376E 1966
Albert Mangelsdorff Albert Mangelsdorff And His Friends MPS 15210ST 1967
Charles Brackeen Rhythm X Strata East SES19736, Strata East 660.51.019 1968
The Jazz Composers Orchestra The Jazz Composers Orchestra JCOA LP1001/2, JCOA (ECM)841 124-2 1968
Don Cherry Eternal Rhythm MPS 15204ST, BASF 20680 1968
Frank Zappa Pigs 'n' Repugnant Vulture Records CD 001/2(I) 1968
Ornette Coleman Crisis Impulse AS9187 1969
Clifford Jordan In The World Strata East 19721, Polydor 2383 206(UK) 1969
Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra Impulse AS9183 1969
Allen Ginsberg/William Blake Songs Of Innocence And Experience Verve-Forecast FTS3083 1969
Don Cherry Mu. First Part Byg 529301, Affinity AFF8, (CD incl. also the following LP) Affinity CD AFF774 1969
Don Cherry Mu. Second Part Byg 529331, Affinity AFF17, (CD incl. also the previous LP) Affinity CD AFF774 1969
Don Cherry Live In Ankara Sonet SNTF 669 (retitled: Ankara) Piccadilly Records Pic 3511 1969
Al Heath Kawaida Trip TLP5032 1969
Jon Appleton/Don Cherry Human Music Flying Dutchman FDS 121 1970
Carla Bley/Paul Haines Escalator Over The Hill JCOA 3LPEOTH, JCOA (ECM)839 310-2 1970
Don Cherry Ditto Byg YX3012/13(J), (retitled: Orient) Affinity AFFD82, Affinity CD AFF769 1971
Don Cherry Blue Lake Byg YX 4022/23(J) 1971
Don Cherry Organic Music Society Caprice RIKS LP44,50(Sw) 1971
Krzysztof Penderecki/Don Cherry Actions - The New Eternal Rhythm Phillips 6305, Wergo SM1010 1971
Ornette Coleman Science Fiction Columbia KC31061, CBS S64774 1971
Ornette Coleman Broken Shadows Columbia FC38029, CBS 85934 1971
Ornette Coleman Broadcasts JJ For Jazz JFJ803, (retitled: Stating The Case) Jazz Anthology JA5248 1972
Don Cherry/Dollar Brand/Carlos Ward The Third World Underground Trio PAP9018(J) 1972
Don Cherry Relativity Suite JCOA LP1006 1973
Alexandro Jodorowsky The Holy Mountain (Film on Laser Disc)(J) 1973
Don Cherry Eternal Now Sonet SNTF653, (retitled: Tibet) Piccadilly Records Pic3515 1973
Michael Mantler No Answer Virgin Records Watt2 1973
Don Cherry Ditto A&M Horizon SP717 (titled: Brown Rice) EMI 3C06418107(F), A&M 397001-2 1975
Don Cherry Hear And Now Atlantic SD18217 1976
Old And New Dreams Live Black Saint BSR 0013 1976
Charlie Haden The Golden Number A&M Horizon SP727, A&M 390 825-2 1976
Steve Hillage L Virgin V2066 1976
Lou Reed Between Thought And Expression RCA PD90621 (also released as 3 individual CDs. Cherry is on Vol. 2) 1976
Lou Reed Sweet Lou - Walking In Los Angeles United Records (bootleg), (retitled: Live In Los Angeles 1976), SGRS 026, (retitled: Claim To Fame) DIYE 43 1976
Collin Walcott Grazing Dreams ECM 1096 1977
Dollar Brand The Journey Chiaroscuro CR187 1977
Johnny Dyani Quartet Song For Biko Steeplechase SCS1109, Steeplechase SCCD 31109 1978
Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos Codona ECM 1132 1978
Don Cherry/Latif Khan Music/Sangam Europa JP2009 1978
Lou Reed The Bells Arista SPART1093, BMG 262918 1978
Mandingo Griot Society Mandingo Griot Society Flying Fish 076, Flying Fish FF70076 1978
Masahiko Togashi/Don Cherry/Charlie Haden Session In Paris, Vol. 1, Song of the Soil Paddle Wheel GP3206(J), Take One Records TOKJ-1501(J) 1979
Old And New Dreams Old And New Dreams ECM 1154 1979
Karl Berger Woodstock Workshop Orchestra MPS 0068250 1979
Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos Codona 2 ECM 1177 1980
Old And New Dreams Playing ECM 1205 1980
Various Artists Jazz Jamboree '80 Muza SX 1983(PL) 1980
Ian Dury & The Blockheads Laughter Stiff Seez 30 1980
Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer ECM 1179 1981
Rip Rig & Panic I Am Cold Virgin V2228 1981
Various Artists Interpretations of Monk DIW 395/398(J) 1981
Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell El Corazon ECM 1230 1982
Billy Bang Untitled Gift Anima Productions 3BG9 1982
Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos Codona 3 ECM 1243 1982
Charlie Haden/Carla Bley Ballad Of The Fallen ECM 1248 1982
Brion Gysin Self-Portrait Jumping Crammed Disc/Made to Measure 33(B) 1983
Jim Pepper Comin' And Goin' Europa JP2014, Antilles/Island ANCD8706 1983
Tullio De Piscopo Acqua e Viento Bagara 1655291(I), Zyx Records 20.040(D) 1983
Sun Ra Hiroshima Saturn 11-83 1983
Sun Ra Stars That Shine Darkly Saturn 9-1213-85B 1983
Tamma Tamma With Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell ODIN LP14(N) 1984
Frank Lowe Decision In Paradise Soul Note SN1082 1984
Doudou Gouirand Forgotten Tales Vent Du Sud VS106(F) 1985
Don Cherry Home Boy Barclay 827488, Secret Records (BMG)552108(F) 1985
Tony Vacca & Tim Moran City Spirits Philo PH-9007(Can) 1985
Ramuntcho Matta Ramuntcho Matta Presents Polo Lombardo and Brion Gysin Moskito 006(F) 1985
Sarah Vaughan & Friends A Jazz Session ('Sass and Brass') HBO Video/Atlantic Vision 50209-3(video) 1986
Masahiko Togashi Bura-Bura Alfa Records 50XB-107/8, Alfa Records ALZ-28006(LP)(J), Pan Music PMC 1103(F) 1986
Nana Simopoulos Wings And Air Enja 5031 1986
Don Cherry Art Deco A&M 395258-2 1986
Ornette Coleman In All Languages Caravan of Dreams CDP85008, CDPCD 85008 1987
Audio Letter It Is This It Is Not This Cityzens for non-linear Futures CNLF-1(Can) 1987
Old And New Dreams A Tribute To Blackwell Black Saints 120-113 198
Various Artists 20th Anniversary Of The Summer Of Love Shimmy-Disc 001, Shimmy Disc 9024/CD 1987
Trilok Gurtu Usfret CMP Records CMP 33ST 1988
Bongwater Double Bummer Shimmy-Disc 011 1988
Heiner Goebbels Der Mann Im Fahrstuhl ECM 1369 1988
Charlie Rouse Epistrophy Landmark LLP1521, Landmark/GRP LCD-1521-2 1988
Don Cherry Multikulti A&M 395323-2 1989
Charlie Haden The Montreal Tapes, Vol. II Verve 523 260-2 1989
Hilton Ruiz Doin' It Right Novus/RCA PL83085 1989
Sun Ra Purple Night A&M 75021 5324-2 1989
Sun Ra Somewhere Else Rounder Records 11663036, Zensor ZS136(D) 1989
Jai Uttal Footprints Triloka Records 183-2 1990
Joe Henry Shuffletown A&M 395 315-2, Mammoth Records MR0095-2 1990
Don Cherry Multikulti (video) View Video 1348 (video) 1991
Hassan Hakmoun/Adam Rudolph Gift Of The Gnawa Flying Fish FF70571 1991
Philippe Kahn Walkin' On The Moon Pacific High PH1002 1991
The Watts Prophets With Don Cherry Change Is Overdue New World Rhythm 001(UK) 1992
George Gruntz/Allen Ginsberg Cosmopolitan Greetings MGB MGBCD9203(Ch) 1992
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Die Ratte Ariola 74321 13302-2(D) 1993
Don Cherry Dona Nostra ECM 1448 1993
Ed Blackwell Project, Vol. II What It Be Like? Enja ENJ-8054 1991
Ingrid Sertso Dance With It Enja ENJ8024-2 1994
Various Artists Stolen Moments: Red, Hot And Cool GRP 9794 1994
Ira Cohen The Poetry Of Ira Cohen Sub Rosa SR62(B) 1994
Various Artists Up And Down Club Sessions, Vol. II Mammoth Records MR0104-2 1994