Happy New Year!

I traveled to the Philippines during November 2013 and participated in a documentary which will air on TV 4 in Sweden on January 14. In the program, you follow four Swedish musicians (Uno Svenningsson, Sophie Zelmani, Darin and I) on our journey. We met and spent time getting to know the children living at the SOS Village. We also met families living on the streets of Manilla, child prostitutes, children living at orphanages and more.

Additionally, we were asked to write music while on this journey. Now the first song, "Dream Away", which I wrote and performed with Darin has been released -- with all proceeds going to SOS Children's Village.

On Saturday, November 9, I returned from the Philippines where I spent 10 days working on a four part series together with SOS Children's Village for Swedish television.

The documentary crew followed four Swedish musicians (Darin, Sophie Zelmani, Uno and I) as we spent time in the village, getting to know the children, as well as their mothers. We also traveled around Manila and met with children and families living on the streets, young prostitutes, drug abusers and much more.  A very humbling experience. Give thanks everyday.

The SOS Children's Village in Tacloban was completely destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. If you are in Sweden go to  http://www.sos-barnbyar.se/kassa/2096/ or go to the site of your local SOS Children's Village affiliate and help in any way that you can.

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